Arms and Armor

Arms and Armour - Information on armour, weapons, clothing, accoutrements, including both "how tos" and historical material. Edited by Charles E. Davis

Royal Armories - Visit the museum. To promote in the UK and world-wide the knowledge and appreciation of arms and armour and of the Tower of London through the collections of the Museum and the expertise of its staff.

Images of Medieval Armour - 54 Color illustrations of Medieval armour.

The Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum  - The Vienna collection is the best-documented courtly armoury in the Western world, since without exception the objects in it were the result of significant political events: campaigns, Imperial Diets, consecrations, coronations, enthronements, engagements, weddings and baptisms.

Pictorial Glossary of Armor Terms - Cross-indexed glossary defines terms for European Medieval armor.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Arms and Armour. Fifty highlights from the Department of Arms and Armor are presented online and are organized first by country of origin and, within countries, chronologically.

Vlachernai Garrison's Arms and Armour Page - Glossary of Arms and Armour

Images of Medieval Armor - 56 beautifully illustrated images of medieval armour by artist August Racinet.

Russian Medieval Arms and Armor - By John Sloan

William of Staffords Arms & Armour Index - Links to arms and armour sites.

Armamentarivm- The book of Roman arms and armour.

How a Man Shall be Armyd - Reproduction of a 15th Century manual describing how to arm a man for the tournament. Translated by Brian Price.

Arms & Armour Glossary of Terms

The Arador Armour Library - Construction, pictures, glossary of terms, references.

Therion's medieval arms and armor page

The arsenal in Graz, Austria - Photographs from the Arsenal in Graz (Austria)

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