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Majstro - Multilingual translation dictionary with a vocabulary database that is based on more recent versions of the Ergane wordlists that are currently used by Travlang. The Majstro dictionary also supports more languages and has several useful features, such as:  Virtual keyboards for entering characters that are not easily typed with a national keyboard (including Greek and Cyrillic letters), the possibility to use SQL wildcards for searching words that match a specific pattern and recognition of alternative spellings (e.g. color/colour) and frequently used mis-spellings (e.g. recieve/receive).

YourDictionary.com - 1800 dictionaries in 230 languages.

Language and Translation Center - Martindale's Reference Desk.

Latin Dictionary - Helps in translating mottos.

Babylon.com - Translates English words into 10 languages.

Alta Vista's Babelfish - Translates sentences, phrases or entire web pages.

Web of Online Dictionaries - The quintisential list of dictionaries on the net.

Gaelic Dictionaries Online

travlang's Translating Dictionaries - Multilingual on-line dictionaries for translating single words. Includes German, French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and more. 

List of On-Line Dictionaries

Online Language Dictionaries and Translators - Links to over 75 Translating dictionaries.

Slownik Angielsko - Polski (English - Polish dictionary)

The LOGOS Dictionary (UK) - Multilingual On-Line Dictionary.

Englisch <-> Deutsches Dictionary - Translates a word in German to it's English equivalent, or vice versa.

LEO German<->English Dictionary

ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form

English-russian russian-english dictionary

Swedish-English Dictionary

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