Flag Resources

Flags of the Russian Federation

Flags of the World - The internet's best flag resource. 9,300 pages and more than 16,900 images of flags.

Flags of the United States of America

Medieval Flags and Banners

Flags of Ireland

Free Animated Flags

Free Animated World Flags

Free Animated State Flags

Flag Trivia

War Flags Glossary

Battle Flags of the Confederacy

The Heraldry and Vexillology Page - Huge collection of flag links.

Francophonie and France through vexillology

Flags of the Commonwealth Games

Flags that have flown over Georgia

The Flags and Arms of the Modern Era - Zeljko Heimer's Vexillological Webpages

Flags of the 19th and 20th Centuries - Mark Sensen's Vexillological Webpages.

Historical Flags - Large listing of flags from around the world in use from 1789 thru 1995.

Flags of the World

Historical Flags - by Jaume Ollie. Historical flags that they may have been used between 1789 and 1995.

Flags of the Nations of the World - Free National and State Flags.

Flags of the Native American Peoples of the United States

Yahoo - Flags

International Flags and Pennants - International Maritime Signal Flags.

Some Armenian Flags

Some National Flags

Flags of all countries. - Huge list.

Ausflag - Vexillological Terms

Ausflag Home Page

National Flags

International Marine Signal Flags

Ausflag - Other WWW Flag Resources

Flag of the United States of America

Information about Switzerland - Images of the Swiss National Flag and all 23 Cantons.

Flags and Arms of Canada - Flags of the ten Canadian provinces with links to the Coats of Arms.

Canadian Provinces - Coat of Arms & Flag.

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