Heraldry Software

Blazons 95 v.4.0 Shareware Program - BLAZONS! is a program that allows you to type in a description of a coat-of-arms (known as a blazon) and will attempt to interpret and display the coat. It comes with a file of about 1400 family names and blazons which can be searched by name. It also provides for display of the coat with mantling, helmet and wreath. The display can be printed or saved in 'BMP' graphics format. It includes a database of about 1,400 names. You can choose from a collection of six crests, six helmets, six styles of mantling and three scroll styles.

Blazon - Blazon is a freeware program for Windows 3.1, designed to teach the basics of heraldry by allowing users to design their own arms. It's successor, Blazon95, is the Windows 95 equivalent, with enhancements to the user interface to bring it into line with Windows 95 norms (which are more suitable to this program than the user interface of 16-bit Blazon), as well as being OLE enabled as a server, and with the ability to copy arms and charges to the Windows clipboard as metafiles, and the ability to import bitmaps and windows metafiles created by other programs for use as charges on the shield.

Maître d'Armes Version 1.3 - This software will allow you to create different arms and test their validity according to the traditional rules of heraldry. Coats of arms can be printed or saved to disk as standard graphic files. Maître d'Armes is equipped with a WYSIWYG graphic interface. This software is public domain and can be used and distributed freely as long as it is not altered. Documentation is in French. When you get to this site, click on "Télécharger Maître d'Armes" to download "Maitre d'Armes".

Clip Art for Maître d'Armes - 140 pieces of heraldic clip art for Maître d'Armes. When you get to this site, click on "Télécharger les meubles" to download the necessary clip art.

Puncher Heraldry Program - Draws simple coats of arms.

GrammerMan's Shareware - Heraldry Primer, generates authentic medieval and post-medieval shields.

Build your own Medieval Castle - Build your own medieval castle, complete with towers, gatehouse and keep. To understand the parts of a castle, and why it was built that way, how an army lay siege to a castle, how a castle was defended, or what it might be like to live in a castle (this varied depending on who you were) - build a model castle.

Shields, Knights and Heraldry - Free software for children to print out shields and the elements of heraldry to create your own coat of arms. Learn the terminology and history of coats of arms.

Programs to Draw Celtic Knots - by Steve Abbott.

Achievement of Arms(tm) - Design displays composed of shields, helms, mantlings, wreaths, crests, supporters, compartments and mottos. For the Macintosh. Shareware by Steven R. Solomon.

Design Your Own Coat of Arms - In this system you can design your/a coat of arms and generate a postscript program to draw it. Basis is a numerical heraldic language.

Heraldry Primer - Macintosh Software

Tartan - Download this Windows program to view 170 tartans by their associated families.

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