Miscellaneous Heraldry

Hermetic Heraldry

Computer Chip Heraldry

Papal Heraldry

Origami Coats of Arms - Learn to create origami coats of arms.

Japanese Family Crests - 216 kamons illustrated.

Israel's Symbol's and Heraldry

Tribal Emblems and Flags of Ancient Israel

Symbols of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

European Royalty and Nobility - The best place on the net for Royalty and Nobility.

Baronage Press - For those interested in the art, symbolism and meaning of heraldry, and in the history, politics, warfare, chivalry, books, cinema and television to which heraldry has thematic links. Publishers of The Feudal Herald ezine.

The Shields of the Twelve Apostles

Arthurian Heraldry - Includes a listing of characters from the Arthurian legends who have coats-of-arms
associated with them.

Monarchs of England - Name and date of reign are given for all the rulers of England.

Italian Occupations with their English Equivalents

Japanese Family Crests or Mon - About kamon.

Slovenian Heraldic Sampler

Shield and Weapon Weights

Die Wappenrolle von Zürich - Facsimile of a German roll of arms from about 1340.

USACE Graphic Standards (GS) - Marks, Logotypes, Coats of Arms, Crests, and Shields

Cyber Journal of Heraldic Bookplates - Bookplates from around the world.

Heraldic Screen Savers

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