Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry - J

Jamb - [See GAMB.]

Jelloped - (jel'-lopd) Said of the comb and gills of the cock when of a different color from the body. (Also written jowlopped.) [WATTLED.]

Jessant - (jes'-sant) Springing up or shooting forth, as a plant. Also applied to an animal, in the same sense as issuant.

Jessant-de-lis - Used to describe the head of a leopard having a fleur-de-lis passing through it.

Jessed - Having jesses on. (Said of a hawk.)

The jesse, used in falconry, was a short strap of leather or silk with which hawks were tied by the leg and on which the leash was attached.

Jowlopped - [See JELLOPD.]

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