Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry - K

King-of-Arms - An officer who has jurisdiction over armory, etc. There are three in England - Garter, the principal; Clarenceaux, whose jurisdiction extends south of the Trent; and Norry, who officiates north of that river. The King-of-Arms for Scotland is called Lyon; and for Ireland, Ulster. The office of King-of-Arms is one of great antiquity.

Kintyr - One of the pursuivants of the Lord Lyon's Court, Scotland.

Knight - One who holds the dignity of knighthood, conferred by the sovereign, entitling the holder to the title of Sir prefixed to his name. Unlike a baronet, however, the dignity is not hereditary. The wife of a knight is legally entitled to the designation of Dame, but by common consent is addressed as Lady.

Formerly a candidate for knighthood had to go through certain ceremonies or religious rites, preparing himself by fasting and prayer and by watching his arms alone all night in a chapel.

KNIGHT BACHELOR - The lowest order of knighthood; also the oldest.

KNIGHT BANNERET - A knightly order next below the Garter. [See Banneret.]

KNIGHT ERRANT - A knight who wandered about the country in quest of adventures for the purpose of displaying his prowess.

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