Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry - N

Naiant - (na'-yant) The same as NATANT.

Naissant - (nas'-sant) Rising or coming forth. Applied to any living creature represented as issuing out of a fesse or other ordinary.

Natant - (nay'-tant) Represented horizontally across the field, as if swimming toward the dexter side of the shield. Applied to any fish excepting the flying fish and shell fish.

Naval crown - A crown formed with the stern and square sails of ships placed alternately upon the circle or fillet.

Naval point - The point in the shield between the middle base point and the fesse point. (Also called the nombril.)

Nebule - [See NEBULY.]

Nebuly - (Neb'-u-ly) 1. Composed of undulations, like the wavy edges of clouds.
2. A shield or bearing divided by such lines.
3. A wavy line of partition, or by which ordinaries and subordinaries may be bounded.

Nombril - (nom'bril) A point in the shield between the fesse point and the middle base point. (Also called the naval point.)

Norroy - The third English King-at-Arms. He has jurisdiction north of the Trent.

Nowed - (nowd) Knotted: tied in a knot, as a serpent or the tail of a lion.

"Ruben is conceived to bear three bars wave, Jude a lion rampant, Dan a serpent nowed." - Browne: Vulgar Errours.

Nowy - (now'y) A term applied to a projection in the middle of a cross or other ordinary.

Nowyed - (now'yed) Applied to a projection not in the center of a cross, but in its branches.

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