Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry - O

Octofoil - A double quartrefoil: a leaf of eight points. When used as a difference it denotes the eighth son.

Office - Arms of Office [See under ARMS.]

Ogress - (o'gress) A black ball or pellet. [See ROUNDEL.]

Onde - (on'dey) [French.] Wavy; curved and recurved like waves. [UNDE.]

Ondy - [See ONDE.]

Opinicus - (o-pin'-i-kus) An imaginary animal having the head and wings of a griffin or eagle, a short tail like that of a camel and the body of a lion.

The Opinicus is sometimes borne without wings.

Or - Gold. In engraving it is denoted by small dots or points spread all over the bearing or field.

"Azure, an eagle rising or, the sun in dexter chief." - Tennyson.

Orange - [See ROUNDEL.]

The color of orange in heraldry is known as tenné.

Orb - A globe encircled, bearing a cross; a mound.

Ordinary - A charge or bearing of simple form. The ordinaries, or, as they are called by the majority of heraldic writers, honorable ordinaries, are nine in number as follows:

Chief, Cross, Pale, Saltire, Fesse, Pile, Chevron, Quarter, and Bend.

The honorable ordinaries are said to represent the clamps or fastenings of the shield, becoming ornamental from painting or gilding. Each has one or more diminutives.

Organ rest - [See REST.]

Orle - (orl) 1. One of the subordinaries; in the form of a fillet, within the border, but some distance from it.

"His arms were augmented with an orle of lion's paws." - Fuller: Worthies, i, 129.

2. The wreath or chaplet surmounting or encircling the helmet of a knight and bearing the crest. (Webster.)

IN ORLE - Said when the charges are placed round the escutcheon, leaving the middle of the field vacant, or occupied by something else. (Said of bearings arranged on the shield in the form of an orle.)

Ormond - One of the pursuivants of the Lord Lyon's Court, Scotland.

Oundy - [See UNDY.]

Out of - Signifies rising from, as "out of a ducal coronet an eagle."

Overt - (o'vert) Applied to the wings of a bird, etc., when spread open on each side of its head , as if taking flight.

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