Heraldry Reference

Heraldic Crosses - paper written by Edward Wenzer.

Heraldry in England - A brief outline of Heraldry in England.

Essay on Heraldry - In Polish.

Honorary Grant of Arms issued by the College of Arms - Text and image.

Spanish Armorial Certificates

Spanish Heralds and Kings of Arms

Feudal Terms of England and Other Places 

Baronage Press - For those interested in the art, symbolism and meaning of heraldry, and in the history, politics, warfare, chivalry, books, cinema and television to which heraldry has thematic links. Publishers of The Feudal Herald ezine.

Internet FAQ Archive - Scan for Heraldry.

Britannica Encyclopedia - Excellent articles on heraldry.

Tudor Heraldry  -  A brief history of heraldry, the Peerage, Royal arms.

U.S. Army Heraldry - By the Quartermaster Museum and Quartermaster Foundation. History, Army symbols medals, insignia and flags.

Gareth Long's Encyclopedia of Monsters, Mythical Creatures and Fabulous Beasts (or, the encyclopedia of monsters etc.)

Heraldry of Catholic Clerics

The Albanian College of Arms - The Revival of Nobiliary and Heraldic "Traditions" in the Republic of Albania. An article by James J. Algrant.

Irish Heraldry - Heraldry in Ireland - From the Office of the Chief Herald.

Ecclesiastical Heraldry - Article from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Animal Blazonry - How to blazon animals, and variations on their postures. Includes some clip art.

A Guide To Heraldry - A basic guide with some illustrations.

Heraldry for Scribes - Used in designing arms for the SCA. Has illustrations of various heraldic terms.

Beranwulf's Basic Heraldic Primer or the Essentials of Finnish Armory - Excellent primer with Finnish translations of heraldic terms.

Portuguese Heraldry - In Portuguese.

Elizabethan Heraldry - Includes an Elizabethian armorial and a primer of blazonry - by Paula Katherine Marmor.

A Primer of Blazonry - by Paula Katherine Marmor, illustrated.

A Guide to Air Force Heraldry

An Introduction to Heraldry - by Alarice Beatrix Von Thal of the SCA.

U.S. Army Heraldry - Unit Crests by Walt Cross, Master Sergeant, U.S. Army (Retired). Includes a link to The Points of Heraldry, the Basics of Heraldic Design and Terminology.

Polish Heraldry and Nobility - A Brief Introduction.

François Velde's Heraldry Site - Premier site for information on heraldry and related topics.

Are you entitled to a coat of arms? By Jeff Chapman 12/17/97.

Little Heraldry Book - Illustrated. 11/21/97

Are you entitled to a coat of arms?  An article about basic heraldry and the Right to bear arms By Jeff Chapman. 12/17/97

The History of Heraldic Tinctures and Furs - by Kyl Patrick MacKay 10/25/97

The Occult Meanings behind Polish Heraldic Devices 10/25/97

Heraldry and Arms - An introduction. Contains an heraldic glossary, feudal terminology, and the basics of heraldry.

International Heraldic Glossary - 530 heraldic terms in six languages. Illustrated.

Introduction to Heraldry - Ramsperger's HOMEPAGE. In German.

Spanish Heraldry

Chivalry - From the Catholic Encyclopedia.

HERMETIC HERALDRY - - Hermetic symbolism and its connections with heraldry.

Genealogy and Heraldry in Slovenia

The Points of Heraldry - The Basics of Heraldic Design and Terminology by Walt Cross

Acadeny of  Saint Gabriel - Assists members of the Society for Creative Anachronism to find historically accurate medieval names and coats of arms for use in SCA activities.

Wappenrolle von Zurich - Zurich Roll of Arms. The oldest surviving original of a roll of arms. 100's of Swiss arms.

Historical Text Archive

The Noble House of Worley of Christy - Information about modern heraldry, chivalry (knights and knighthood), and bona fide nobility, and royalty.

Heraldry in Scotland by James Dempster FSA Scot - In depth article on the state of heraldry in Scotland.

The common prefixes of Italian surnames.

Bayeux Tapestry

The British Heraldic Archive - A collection of articles on heraldry and related subjects.

Armorial Bibliography - Annotated bibliography of heraldic references.

Bibliography of Polish genealogy and heraldry - Surname Searchable.

Beginner's Guide to Heraldry - By: Mark Riedl

A Beginner's Guide - Includes some symbolism of charges.

The Outlaw Press Catalog - Heraldic Bibliography

Heraldry - A selected list of references from the Library of Congress.

Holdings of the Library of Congress in Genealogy & Heraldry.

Heraldic Primer

Scott Ullman's Heraldry - Includes some clip-art.

Some Notes and Fun with Heraldry - Jeff Alvey Genealogy & Other Good Stuff.

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