Scottish Clans and Tartans

Rampant Scotland Directory - Over 6,000 unique Scottish-related URLs.

Scottish Clan and Family Societies

Scottish Tartans Museum

Tartans of Scotland - Search and browse the official Register of All Publicly Known Tartans.

Joanne's Collection of Clan Badges - 99 are illustrated with Mottos.

House of Tartan Tartan Finder - Display Tartans from a database of over 2000.

Clans and Tartans - Listing of Scottish Clans along with their tartan and badge.

SCOTTISH HERITAGE - Scottish Clan, Name information.

Tartan - Windows program to view 170 tartans by their associated families.

The Clan Johnstone Heritage Page

Scottish Clans, Septs and Families in Nova Scotia

Tartans in GIF Format

Scottish Tartan Society - Site includes a downloadable demo of their Tartans Explorer software.

Some Tartans

Celtic Net Scottish Clan Reference - Directory of Scottish Clans.

Scottish Clans and Families

Electric Scotland - The Premier Source of Scottish Information on the Internet.

The Great Hall - Large repository of Scottish heraldry and Clan information on the Internet.

The Gathering of the Clans - Scottish info. and heraldry.

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