Surnames - Sources of Surname Information
for Heraldry, Genealogy and Coats of Arms


Names - Jerry Hill's excellent site with hundreds of links to name information.

Italian Surname Distribution in Italy and the U.S. - Enter your surname into the search box titled "Cognome" for surname distribution in Italy and U.S. Enter your surname into the search box titled "Nome" for a brief derivation of the name.

Christain Names Dictionary - Dictionary of Biblical Christian names with meanings and spelling variations.

Polish Surnames -  Basics of Polish Surnames.

Baby Namer - Not surnames, but gives an excellent derivation and meaning of First Names. Find out what yours means!

German Surnames and their English Equivalents

The Origin of German Names

Information on Icelandic Surnames

Surname Origins Index - Origins and meanings of many surnames by Simone Haslam.

Irish Surnames and Time Line

The Origin of Czech Surnames

German Names in America 

An Onomastikon (Dictionary of Names) - A collection of names from around the world.

The Academy Library - Over 100 documents on medieval names and armory from the Academy of Saint Gabriel, a group of about 60 volunteers who research medieval names and armoryfor the SCA.

U. S. Census Bureau Name Files - You need to download these files but they show (1). A "Name" (2). Frequency in percent (3). Cumulative Frequency in percent (4). Rank in the U.S.

Lithuanian Surnames

Cornish Surnames

Surnames of North Eastern England

Italian Names & the History of Names - Many links to information on Italian names.

Notes on Selected Polish Surnames

German Surnames and their Origins

SLOVENIJA - Slovenian Surnames. 11/21/97

Family Chronicle - Surname Origin List. 2000 surnames listed.

Old Irish-Gaelic Surnames

U.S. Surname Distribution - See a map of the United States showing the distribution of people with your surname.

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