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Hershberger Designs Polymer Clay
Polymer Clay (sometimes known by its brand names - FIMO, Cernit, Sculpey, Promat, CFC/Premo, etc.), though frequently seen as a craft medium, is capable of much artistic variety. The creative possibilities seem endless.

My intent here is to show possibilities that I have discovered thus far. I hope my discoveries become a catalyst for other Polymer Clay artists, to find their own creative directions.

All items shown are one of a kind, copyrighted designs, though some are in series.

Enjoy your visit.

Self Portrait, Block Print on Polymer Paper, copyright 2000 Lynn DT Hershberger
[Self Portrait -
Block Print on Polymer Paper
© 2000 Lynn DT Hershberger]
PLEASE NOTE: I am currently on sabbatical (for approximately the year 2001) from my polymer art, and thus there will be no merchandise sales from this site until further notice. I expect to add discussion columns as I find the time. However, I am not doing production work with polymer this year. If you are interested in viewing my non-polymer artwork, please visit

Discussion Columns:
People write to me often for advice. These columns are in response to frequently asked questions.


Professional Associations:
Working Women Artists
National Polymer Clay Guild
Metro Detroit Polymer Art Guild
Chicago Area Polymer Clay Guild
Western Michigan Polymer Art Guild
National Museum of Women in the Arts (Charter Member)
Lansing Art Gallery (Artist Member)

Represented by:
Garnish, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Ackerman Gallery, East Lansing, Michigan, USA
Elderly Instruments (Kazoos Only), Lansing, Michigan, USA

Sculpture "Spirit Feast"©
by Lynn D. Troldahl Hershberger

Polymer Clay on Found Ceramic, Glass and Metal Items, 1993
Approx. 15" Wide by 12" Deep by 20" Tall

(This is called *Spirit* Feast for a reason - it is a feast for the eyes, not a functional place setting. Sculpture takes many forms!)

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