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Pages Related to Hershberger Designs--
Polymer Clay Information Pages:
The National Polymer Clay Guild
Information about this amazing guild and its activities, including how to join. Links to local chapters and pages of guild members. Visit this site if you love Polymer Clay!

Glass Attic by Diane Black
Encyclopedic, no frills polymer page. All information (tons of it) but no glitz. Careful, you can spend hours here!

Polymer Clay Central
Originally created by Arlene Thayer (now housed on Delphi Arts and Crafts). See my "FAQ" article comparing five brands of polymer clay within Arlene's FAQ. This vast site has all sorts of Polymer Clay related information.
Note: The Delphi sites require cookies or they will not display. I find that sad, because now I choose not to go there... and it did have amazing content.

Metro Detroit Polymer Art Guild
This is my own (not-so-local) guild. It is maintained by volunteer Kris Richards, author and talented polymer guru.

Also visit the Polymer Clay usenet newsgroup, if you have access:
Polymer Clay Artists:
Night Lights by Vincent Budnick
Innovative designs by one of my Art Cafe' companions. Don't miss this one.

Mike Buesseler's Polymer Clay Page
Mike does fabulously intricate nature-based millifiore canes. He has a loyal following. This page changes often. See what the excitement is about.

Milly Pheeory's Clay Shoppe/Artique by Linda Bernstein
Linda is very involved in the Chicago guild. On this site, she shows some nice canework in bowls and other items, and some new Precious Metal Clay (PMC) work. (She is the proud owner of a Hershberger Art Kazoo as well.)
Lynn's Favorite Sources for Clay and Related Items:
The Clay Factory of Escondido
Marie and Howard Segal are absolute dictionaries of information on the clay, tools, and techniques. I've been working with them for years. Good service, good integrity, good products, good folks!

WeeFolk Creations
Maureen and Dan Carlson run this business. Maureen has worked with PolyClay for a long time, though I've only done business with Weefolk for a few years.
(Marie Segal referred me to them for an item Clay Factory didn't carry... isn't this polymer community refreshing?)
Other Pages by Lynn Hershberger:
Colorjoy Art Page Lynn's Artwork, mostly Non-polymer creations including "Mail Art"

Colorjoy.com Lynn's Web Domain: Colorjoy Design & Consulting is her "day job."

Working Women Artists Lynn's local art guild (Lansing, MI), all media.

Travelogue: A Week in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula Lynn's First Web Page.

LDTH Poetry Collection Poetry and Quotations, by Lynn and others.

Kazoo! Personal home page for Lynn and her husband, Brian
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